Amalyah Hart

Account Executive

Most recently based in the UK, Amalyah comes to The Civic Group with an interest in culture and social behaviour, impressive credentials in the communications field and a strong background in international politics and foreign relations. 

During her two-year engagement as a Research Fellow at London-based think tank, The Institute for Statecraft, Amalyah focused on both hybrid warfare and foreign relations in the Indo-Pacific.

In addition to her research capabilities and experience, Amalyah is highly skilled at designing communications workshops and seminars which often involve parties of diverse and conflicting perspectives working together to understand opposing viewpoints and arrive at common ground.

Her wide-ranging experience includes working with respected Communications Agency, Perowne International. She also utilised her media campaign skills to assist in delivering the implementation component of an Integrity Initiative aimed at challenging the proliferation and dissemination of political disinformation. 

Amalyah holds a Bachelor of Arts (Archaeology and Anthropology) from the University of Oxford (UK) and is a member of the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association.