Strategic Communications

We design and deliver strategies that help achieve objectives. Our approach sees a well considered plan as the foundation of any effective campaign for a government, corporate or not-for-profit organisation.

Understanding our clients’ concerns, stakeholders and goals is the first step. From this point, we craft a plan that ensures the right messages reach the right stakeholders at the right time and in the right way.

Media Relations and Training

The media landscape is vast, complex and fast-moving and influences the perceptions and decisions of Australian households, businesses and governments. Identifying what you want to achieve from each media interaction – whether it is minimising reputational damage, managing a crisis or maximising publicity – is vital.

The Civic Group understands what drives news, the 24-hour news cycle and the people who decide what makes news. At The Civic Group our media services include preparing media strategies, drafting media releases and other materials, preparing and placing opinion/editorial pieces, arranging news conferences, setting up interviews and preparing the interviewees.

Media training

Competition to inhabit the media space is intense. Understanding how your organisation can generate media coverage and, just as importantly, capitalise on these interactions guides our approach to media training.

From one-on-one executive packages to media for beginners seminars for larger groups, our range of training packages will help you understand the media, craft engaging messages, identify your audience and perform convincingly to sell those messages to the people who count.

Issues and Crisis Management

Central to The Civic Group’s approach to issues management is an understanding that different issues impact different organisations in different ways.

With a proven approach to issues management tailored to suit the issue, its scope and stakeholders, we know how and when to communicate with directly affected stakeholders, (e.g. staff, customers, residents, investors) as well as those indirectly affected (e.g. regulators, government or professional organisations).

Interest in an issue often extends beyond stakeholders. The Civic Group’s media know-how helps ensure the right story is told and any fallout mitigated.

Government Relations

Decisions made by Local, State and Federal governments will at some point impact on your organisation.

To be successful an organisation needs to understand government decision making and policy development processes and be able to anticipate and respond to policy change.

Our government relations team has years of experience at all levels of government and across networks encompassing all sides of politics.

The Civic Group can help build your organisation’s profile with decision makers, enter the public policy debate or prepare to appear before a parliamentary inquiry.

Investor Relations

Effective investor relations is a vital part of the modern business environment. The Civic Group can help your organisation develop and execute an investor relations strategy built around financial and reporting milestones and investor and analyst road-shows and briefings.

We have a proven track record in transactional communications, helping organisations plan for and deal with mergers, acquisitions, capital raisings and IPOs.

Added to this, we have a thorough understanding of the financial and business media environment ensuring our clients can project a compelling narrative to the people and institutions that matter to them.

Advertising Campaigns

While the growth of social media has opened up new ways of communicating, advertising still plays a central role in elevating organisations and influencing public opinion.

At The Civic Group we are experts in developing advertising that works as part of an integrated campaign, sitting alongside other tactics such as polling, media relations, online and stakeholder, government and community relations.

We manage the entire advertising process from developing and testing creative concepts to electronic and print production and finally, securing you the most effective advertising buy to reach your target audience.

Staying with a project from conception to completion and integrating your advertising with all your other communications and stakeholder activities ensures you get the best strategic outcome at the best price.

Stakeholder Relations

Many government agencies, public sector organisations and, increasingly the private sector, are turning to their community – of residents, customers, employees or shareholders – to play a role framing policy, strategy and decisions.

Whether the stakeholder is internal or external, resident or developer, government or community, The Civic Group has experience in devising effective stakeholder relations programs.

Stakeholder relations programs can help raise your profile, demonstrate values and commitments, or position your organisation in a way that shows insights are sought and input valued. We design stakeholder relations programs that engage and create a sense of ownership and buy-in from those who play a role in a decision’s implementation or will be affected by it.

Combining our media and communications expertise with online feedback, facilitated workshops, town hall and public meetings and interviews helps to frame the most appropriate stakeholder relations plan for your organisation.

Market Research and Polling

Research can be a valuable part of any campaign, providing an understanding not just of what people think, but why they think it.

It can help to logically and objectively quantify behaviours, and contribute to understanding what is generating opposition or support for a change in behaviour or attitudes.

Whether it is focus group discussions, one-on-one interviews, telephone polling or online surveys, our proven methodologies and in-house expertise allow us to integrate research into the design and execution of our major campaigns.

Writing and Editing

Knowing what to say is one thing, but knowing how to say it and ensuring your message is heard – and remembered – is another. The Civic Group uses the written word effectively to cut through the information noise in what is an increasingly cluttered communications landscape.

Once we get the words right we work with graphic designers, illustrators and photographers to ensure the accompanying images are just as effective and appropriate.

Translating technical information is another trademark of The Civic Group. We regularly develop easy-to-use materials based on complex regulations or policy. An ability to use language that resonates with the target audience and is delivered through channels that reach them is vital. Our skilled team has experience researching and writing:

  • Policy documents and Ministerial statements
  • Media releases, fact sheets and backgrounders
  • Speaking notes and presentations
  • Websites, blogs, tweets and updates
  • Newsletters, brochures, e-updates, and
  • Annual reports, corporate plans, strategic plans and directional documents.

Online and Social Media

Communication now happens in a very different way with companies, governments and individuals moving beyond a simple website to harnessing social media.

The rise of social media has opened up new channels of communication, and changed the face of public debate by making participants of those who would previously have been passive observers.

Social media is no longer a marginal form of communication. It is now common for significant news stories to be broken on blogs and influential social and political movements can now be conducted almost completely via online networks.

At The Civic Group, it is our business to understand and be involved in social media so that we can advise our clients on how to do the same. Aside from understanding the technology, we understand who uses it, what they respond to, and how it might complement traditional communications measures as part of an integrated approach to communications.