The media landscape is vast and complex; it influences all facets of Australian society, from households and families to businesses and governments. It is vital that you identify what you want to achieve from each media interaction – whether it is minimising reputational damage, managing a crisis or maximising publicity.

The Civic Group understands the powers that drive media trends and the players that decide the news. Our comprehensive media services include preparing media strategies, drafting media releases and other materials, preparing and placing opinion/editorial pieces, arranging news conferences, setting up interviews and preparing the interviewees.

Competition to occupy the media space is intense. Understanding how your organisation can generate media coverage and subsequently capitalise on these interactions guides our approach to media training.

From one-on-one executive packages to entry-level seminars for larger groups, our range of training packages will help you understand the media, craft engaging messages, identify your audience and perform convincingly to sell those messages to the people who count.